Find Your way in astounding Megève. Join us for a journey of healing and growth. Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy combined with Internal Family Systems parts work.

In this retreat we create a space for you with healing and care. With the maximum of six participants, we have the possibility to give you exclusive support both individually and in group.  We are determined to give you the best guidance with compassion, privacy and discretion Enjoy free time by the private pool or leisure time in the picturesque Megève.

Dates 13 – 17 november (This retreat is full, new dates will come in May.)

We offer a safe retreat for deep exploration with yourself through:

  • Presentations
  • Experiential exercises and practices
  • Meditations and reflections. Laying the foundation for lasting transformation in mental and emotional well-being by engaging in meditative practices
  • Engaging in IFS practices, including mapping your parts
  • Exploring Self by discovering wisdom and compassion in your system
  • Group discussions
  • Individual sessions
  • Hiking therapy / Forest bathing
  • Meditation in nature
  • Yoga and somatic exercises


With a master in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy from Oxford University and an ongoing Certification in Internal Family Systems, Simone Nilsson has an extensive experience with psychotherapeutic work and in holding retreats.

MBCT, IFS and Forest-Bathing

Insights gained through MBCT and IFS improve relationships, work-life, and overall well-being.

The journey with MBCT and IFS creates a ripple effect of transformation extending out to create a more compassionate world.

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is ideal to develop a greater sense of presence and connection between body and mind. Mindfulness also helps us to get in touch with subconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviors that can stand in the way for our physical and mental health and well-being. Body and mind are in constant communication. If we can make this communication conscious, we have access to the wisdom of the body and inner resources that lead to development, learning and transformation.

MBCT helps you to access your natural capacity for self-care and to find a harmonious balance and equanimity. In MBCT you learn as a participant to notice and observe patterns in body and mind to increase the awareness around how low mood and negative thoughts affect you, and by doing this you can also break these patterns.

MBCT is also a great method for difficult experiences, where MBCT can help soothe symptoms such as fear, hopelessness, frustration, sleeping difficulties and more. The aim of the program is to give you a possibility to create a safe platform where the difficult background can be explored, where memories and experiences can be integrated and through this process, healing can start. Through meditation and exercises we are balancing the nervous system and disrupting negative thought patterns. This process allows you to strengthen your self-worth and the ability to be connected and close to others.

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems, IFS, is a way to understand your internal system and help it to transform and heal. It is a powerfully transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy. IFS believes we all have a system of protective and wounded inner parts led by a core Self. Self cannot be damaged; it exists in everyone and most importantly Self knows how to heal. Our inner life and system are just like a family where parts can be forced into extreme roles. Our core Self can help us balance these aspects, allowing us to become integrated and whole.

IFS has a powerful and transformative approach to investigate your inner life. Our inner parts carry precious qualities, and our core Self knows how to heal, allowing us to become integrated and whole. In IFS all parts are welcome.  IFS is also a way of understanding personal and intimate relationships. By being Self-led we can live life with curiosity, compassion, courage, creativity, calm, clarity, confidence and connectedness; what in IFS is called the 8 Cs.  IFS is a welcomed change to the world. A new empowering point of view for understanding and harmonizing the mind and larger human systems. A method that can help people heal and helps the world become a more compassionate place.

Hiking Meditation / Forest bathing

Hiking meditation combines the physical benefits of hiking with the mental clarity of meditation. It allows you to fully engage in the present moment and embracing the beauty of nature. This practice allows us to enter a realm of tranquility and peacefulness.

Forest bathing is a Japanese practice of immersing oneself in nature to promote well-being. It involves engaging the senses fully and mindful to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the environment.

The benefits of forest bathing include reduced stress levels, improved mood, boosted immune system function, lowered blood pressure, and increased overall feelings of calm and relaxation. The experience of being in nature can help reset the mind, promote mindfulness and foster a sense of connection with the natural world.

Hiking therapy is a transformative experience that nourishes our mind, body, and soul. By being mindful in nature, we can find consolation, transformation, and a great sense of connection to the earth.

Retreat schedule: will come soon

Unique venue with a private pool

The retreat is held in this unique venue in a beautiful chalet. There is a fireplace both inside the house and on the patio. The chalet is traditionally furnished with a combination of rustic and comfort to give you the feeling of the little extra and at the same time a relaxing calm. There are three bedrooms with six sleeping places. While we want you to feel at home, you also have a safe professional team, and a program with long experience, that takes care of you during the stay.

Small group

We are a small group with maximum six participants which contributes to that every participant receives a deeper guidance and feedback on their inner journey. We also see that small groups facilitates meaningful and supportive relationships between participants.

What is included

Chalet accomodation

Meals – organic and local as much as possible.

Coffee, tea, snacks, local desserts, sweets

All activities

Care and support from the retreat leader and the house host

What is not included

Aire fares

Individual insurance

Transfer on the check in and check out day (This is because participants can arrive and depart with many different flights. We can help you coordinate a shared transfer if possible and assist you in the different options on how to get to the Chalet).


To secure your spot, you can pay the full price or start with a deposit of 1000 Euros.

You can pay with:

  • Paypal
  • A traditional bank transfer

The final payment deadline is 30 days before the retreat starts.

It is possible to pay for the retreat in three installments, the first when signing up for the retreat and the last at the latest 30 days before the retreat starts.

Cancellation policy

If you withdraw 60 days before the retreat we charge half the deposit amount of 1000 euros. When withdrawing 59 days to 40 days we charge 30% of the whole retreat price. If you withdraw less than 39 days before the retreat we charge 50% of the retreat price.

If interested or having questions

Send us a message info@starlingheights.com or call us at +46727 – 34 73 99

Are you interested?

Or having any questions? Send us an message and we will contact you shortly.