Through psychotherapy you can get help with low mood, depression, anxiety, life crises, relationship crises, trauma and developmental trauma and more. Together we go through what kind of therapy best suits you. We are working with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT),  Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) under supervision.

My practice is also open to clients who would like to have therapy online.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

With CBT we look at how thoughts, feelings, behaviour and our physiology interact. It is when there is a problem in this process that our mental health and well-being are affected. CBT is an active treatment model where you in therapy learn how to acknowledge negative thought patterns and how these affect how we react and behave in different situations. By acknowledging our negative and inhibiting behaviour we can free ourselves from these patterns and the power and potential that exist within us.

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples

In couples therapy you learn to understand your patterns and thereby increase the understanding and compassion for oneself and your partner. In interplay with the therapist, new patterns are created where you in a safe manner can learn to express your deepest needs to your partner, develop a safe communication and increased intimacy. EFT is a structured method for couples therapy that has developed with the research on attachment theory in adult love relationships. The method combines humanistic techniques with structured systemic theory.

Internal Family Systems

IFS is a psychotherapy that believes we all have a system of protective and wounded inner parts led by a core Self. Self can not be damaged, it exists in everyone and most importantly Self knows how to heal. Our inner life and system is just like a family where parts can be forced into extreme roles. As in a family, parts have different personalities that interact with each other, and in therapy you access and work with these parts inside yourself. Our core Self can help us balance these parts, allowing us to become integrated and whole.

Confidentiality and professional secrecy are guarantied with the psychotherapy.



We are offering supervision to professionals within psychosocial work.